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New Class starts 8/7/23 @7pm

Hey Folks,

In just a week we’ll start a new online class on Monday nights on the Book of Revelation.

It will be…ahem…revealing.

Sign up here to join us live or receive the recordings afterwards.

Regardless of what religious persuasion a person identifies with, the idea of looking into a crystal ball to see the future or "end times" has sparked the curiosity of just about every person on the planet. (Have you heard of the "Left Behind" Series?) Not surprisingly, Apocalypse (or the book of Revelation) has fascinated students of the Bible for centuries. Yet, because of the unique way it was written (riddled with symbolism and metaphor wrapped in visions and dreams) it has also stimulated more controversy and debate than probably any other book in the Bible. There is no shortage of opinions about the meaning of this book. But what if Revelation was meant to be read as a companion to John's Gospel, similar to Luke-Acts? What if the secret to understanding the Apocalypse is not the ability to read the signs of the times but taking the time to read the Old Testament prophets? Starting in August, we’ll take a deep dive in to the final book of the Bible so as to understand the cosmically good news it offers a Church always in need of hopeful encouragement to stay the way of the cross.

Looking forward to it!

Happy Summer,


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