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Lenten Offering 2021 "Camino Honduras"

Friends, we made an initial offering during advent this year, and then Honduras was struck by two large tropical storms. We would like to continue to remember the faithful work our sisters and brothers are doing in Honduras. Please consider a gift this Lenten season.

What began as a Sunday school program and some smaller projects with local churches, has now become a ministry with numerous outreach projects, that seek to bring families out of poverty and closer to God. We now have two church plants, four weekly Bible studies, and over 30 houses that have been built for impoverished families in the area. In 2019, we launched our scholarship program, which focuses on students that are at a high risk to drop out of school after 6th grade or even sooner. We gave out the first four scholarships at the beginning of the 2019 school year to families that we had been working with in our housing program. For the 2020 school year, which began in February, we were able to extend scholarships to 43 students who are all part of our children’s ministry. These students live in communities where the average education level is at a 5th grade level. 88% of the adults in that community never got beyond 6th grade. Of the 25 scholarships we are seeking, 8 of the students had already dropped out of school for financial reasons, one being as young as 8 years old. The future for these families and their communities depends greatly on the ability of these children to finish their schooling.

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